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Tube fittings is basically an activity which involves repairing or installing tube systems through which liquids and gasses are transferred. A fitting is useful to connect elongated tubes and adjust to different sizes and shapes to ensure regulation of liquid flow. Those tube fittings which connect a tube to pipe threads are called connectors whereas those Tube fittings which connect one tube to another are called unions. Another, when a tube union joins different tube sizes together rather than the same size, it is a reducing union.Om Tubes manufactures ferrule compression tube fittings which are absolutely leaking less. We design two types of ferrule tube fittings which meet severe specification demands of industries. In addition to that, Tube fittings at Om Tubes consist of four different parts namely a body, back ferrule, front ferrule, and nut. Excellent leak-proof connections are persistent as the two-ferrule design restitutes for any grit in tube’s outer diameter, material hardness, thickness, and wall.

Third Party Inspection

Om Tubes and Fitting Industries offers its products to client with third party inspection.

Why Om Tubes?

A wide variety of end connections and patterns.
Availability of Hydraulic swaging tools (EZY-MAT).
Ensuring maximum reliability, safety, and high performance
Defect fewer products guaranteed.
Quality Tube Fittings at friendly price and Best Delivery schedule.

Aim Of Om Tubes

Our commitment is towards developing products which set new standards. Along with that, we see to it that our customers review is not only satisfactory but excellent. Also, we look forward to generating skillful and professional employees. Moreover, we also aim to produce outputs using advanced technology and providing super sales and expert facility.

How are Tube Fittings connected to Tubes?

Tube fittings are either male or female fittings. In threaded tube fittings, female threads are present inside while the male threads are outside. Tube fittings consist of one female end and one male end and such kinds are street fittings.

Tube fittings are akin to tubes in two ways:

  • Threading method: you can screw threaded pipes together to join or connect. Usually, metal pipes go through threading as they have thread fittings.
  • Slip fit method: sleeves which slip into one another are applicable in slip fit method. The plastic pipes slip casually.
  • Measurement of the thread size depends on the inner tube. There are Standard thread size standards such as NPT (National Pipe Thread) and BSP (British Standard Pipe). There may be different standards for other countries. A particular number of threads per inch (TPI) is resembling each standard. Om Tubes gives you an exceptional review on tube thread sizing.

Connections- Different connection methods help link fittings to tubes. Compression fittings connect tubes using gasket, ferrule or ring compression. Just tighten a nut onto a fitting over a tubing and ferrule to make a compression. Standard compression fittings are easy to work and install as they don’t need any special tools to fix them. Still, they can’t face too high pressure and are not much flexible as compared to soldered fittings.
Bite-Type- These compressed fittings have a sharpened ferrule which bites the tube when compressed, hence providing the seal. Even these don’t need any special tools to affix them, hence are easy to work with and have much stronger resistivity.
Flare Fittings- They have a body with flared or coned end. You need special flaring tools to fix tubes inside the flared end, hence providing a deep seal. No doubt, they handle high pressures amazingly.
End Fittings- they have specific surfaces to connect tubes while Clamp end fittings permit tubes to clamp to the connection. Next, plain end fittings help tubes to connect using adhesive.
Flange Fittings – These are ports having flush surfaces standing perpendicular to the linked tube. These surfaces are joined and sealed using bolts, clamps and/or welding.
Om tubes give you tube fittings which feature a short twisted item accumulation and great leak free seal for handy assembling and re-assembling. While installing, the technical qualities of the tubes are taken seriously as the back ferrule moves in a handled manner which doesn’t press or decrease the inner diameter of the tubing. However, the front ferrule doesn’t force the body to extend, hence the nut easily abandons leading to disassembly and remaking.

  • Size ranging from 1/16″ through 2″ (2 mm through 38 mm O.D.tubing) or – 1/16 to 2 in.; 2 to 50 mm.
  • Technical specifications- ASTM F1387-99(2012), ECE R110, MSS SP-99-2010 etc.
    Materials- aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Nylon.
  • Pressure Ratings- Up to 11 000 psi (760 bars).
  • Materials of construction- Including stainless steel and other materials optimized for strength, corrosion resistance, weld ability and ductility.
  • End Connections Types- NPT, ISO/BP, SAE/MS, AN, weld ends, port connectors, sanitary flanges, tube adapters.
  • Configurations- Straights, elbows, tees, crosses, caps, plugs, nuts and ferrules Chromatograph and Column End.
  • Petrochemicals, CNG, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Packing & Printing Industries, Energy, Food, Biotechnology, Mining, Marine, etc.
  • Hydraulic applications- these include transmitting of liquids. Hence hydraulic fittings should consist seals to avoid leakage of liquid and show resistance to corrosion and rusting.
  • Pneumatic applications- they help in the transfer of gasses. As a matter of fact, Pneumatic fittings should have really tight seals to prevent leaking of gas and corrosion resistivity.
  • Other applications- structural or construction designs also need tube fittings. Although they should be physically strong with high integrity, they don’t need seals as they don’t transfer fluids or gasses.

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