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AL6XN Fasteners

AL6XN Fasteners : Manufacturers , Stokiest & Suppliers : Om Tubes

al6xn fasteners

AL6XN Fasteners

Om Tubes and Fittings Industries is one of the leading and foremost brands in the AL6XN Fasteners. We are the best suppliers of steel products over a past decade and our product delivery is the fastest in the world. Om tube mainly specializes in the various nickel, stainless, duplex and super alloys in the form of plate, sheet, bar, tubing, pipe, flanges, fittings, wire and welding material. We serve customers of various countries with all size demands. We supply, process and custom fabricate product for various industries including chemical process, mining, oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and more. Great emphasis is paid to value addition and after sales service. The main goal of this organization is to provide commodities of unparalleled quality, in addition with making our client’s buying experience, a memorable one.Today, our industry is filled with high volume but low quality suppliers which are below the mark with what the steel industry needs. Because of such circumstances, it results in the decline of the quality of goods and hence, the entire project. But today, our firm are one of the proficient organizations in the steel industry. All our hard work and commitment are directed towards our clients an excellent purchase cycle. That makes us unique from the rest.

al6xn fasteners

A AL6XN Fasteners is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two objects holding them together very firmly. We could also define it as, fasteners are connections that are used to connect two parts. It is generally very industrious and strong and cannot be easily removed unless used with a special device such as a screwdriver.

For example, AL6XN Fasteners are of various types such as,

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washer
  • Studs
  • Gaskets
  • Screws
  • Clamps

Fasteners are classified into distinctive types –

  • Wing Nuts
  • T-Nuts
  • Square Nuts
  • Hex Nuts
  • Lock Nuts
  • Panel Nuts
  • Flange Nuts
  • Eye Nuts
  • Dome Nuts
  • Coupling Nuts
  • Acron Nuts


  • U Bolt
  • T Bolt
  • Hex Bolt
  • Hex Head Bolt
  • Counter Sunk Bolt
  • Eye Bolt
  • Sunk Bolt


  • Anchor Screw
  • Blind River
  • Clotter Pin
  • Concrete Screw
  • Machine Screw
  • Panel Screw
  • Self-Drilling Screw
  • Socket Cap Screw
  • Solid Rivet
  • Spring Pin
  • Steel Lag Screw
  • Steel Set Screw
  • Steel Shoulder Screw
  • Threaded Rod


  • Flat Washer
  • Machine Washer
  • Sealing Washer
  • Slotted Washer
  • Split Washer
  • Star Washer

AL6XN Fasteners is a super austenitic stainless steel with has exceptional resistance to chloride corrosion, pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, and excellent general corrosion resistance to various acids, alkalis and salt solutions. It is an austenitic stainless steel alloy with high nickel (24%), chromium (22%), molybdenum (6%), and nitrogen (0.18%) content and is commonly known as super austenitic stainless steelAL-6XN alloy has a face-centered cubic crystal structure similar to other austenitic stainless steels such as 304L and 316L. The alloy is non-magnetic, and its magnetic permeability remains low even after severe cold forming. Because of its nitrogen content, AL6XN Fasteners has greater tensile strength than common austenitic stainless, while retaining high ductility, impact strength and Corrosion Resistance. Chromium, molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen all contribute to overall resistance to corrosion by various media. Chromium is the principal agent for conferring corrosion resistance in neutral or oxidizing environments. Chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen increase resistance to pitting corrosion. Nickel imparts the austenitic structure. Nickel and molybdenum both provide increased resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking in reducing environments.

  • Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride solutions.
  • Practical immunity to stress corrosion in NaCl environments.
  • High Strength and toughness.
  • Excellent formability, weldability, strength and corrosion resistance are essential. It is a cost effective alternative to less expensive stainless steels that do not have the strength or corrosion resistance to maximize life cycles.
  • Chemical process tanks and pipelines
  • Process systems for offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Condensers, heat exchangers and piping containing seawater or crude oil
  • Filter washers, vats and press rolls in pulp bleaching plants
  • Power plant flue gas scrubber environments
  • Tall oil distillation columns and packing
  • Desalination equipment and pumps
  • Service water piping systems for nuclear power plants
  • Transformer cases exposed to marine environments
  • Food processing equipment.

We offer our products at customer-friendly prices which does not actually include the type of product the customer will buy. Although the prices of the AL6XN fasteners will vary according to the particular element used for making the fastener and also depending upon its specifications and its effective properties.

AL6XN has special properties for corrosion resistance and immunity to stress as well as crevice corrosion in inhabited environments. We, the organization of Om Tubes and Fitting Industries provide super duplex steel in the form of fasteners. We have an ever replenishing inventory and so we have ample stock super duplex fasteners for immediate dispatch. We do provide urgent delivery according to the client’s emergency and requirement with conviction. Hence, our average lead time is the lowest in today’s competitive steel industry. Beyond any doubt, we have a 0% rejection rate of our goods over a decade. Also, along with the delivery of our products we do provide the copies of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certification and the copies of the digital mill test report in accordance with EN10204 3.1 to prove the unparalleled quality of our products. Along with our delivery, we offer after sales support and service, product replacement warranty, consultancy for alternate sizes and material, customized marking as per client’s requirement, premium packaging and packaging for air and sea transport. We can also provide customized marking as per client requirement. Our goal is to always strive for more than just customer satisfaction and to gain their trust and goodwill, to deliver them an exposure to a world-class buying experience.

At Om Tubes for customer’s satisfaction and to keep up to the name earned by our company, we conduct various destructive and nondestructive tests. Conducting tests on our product helps us know our product in a better way. Many tests like positive material identification (PMI) tests, chemical analysis tests, hardness test, micro test, flaring test, flattening test, hydrostatic test, radiography test, eddy current tests are conducted.

The products shipped from Om Tubes will have complete marking details. These details are in accordance to the test certificate we supply. In case of orders for cut piece of Pipes, Tubes, Plates, Sheets or Round Bars, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases we provide Letter confirming the marking transfer and picture of the product from which it is cut.

Om tubes provide certificate of origin legalized/attested by chamber. Also a commercial invoice including HS code is provided. Our product packing lists which comes with the product, includes number of boxes, net weight and gross weight. We provide test certificate certifying NACE MRO103, NACE MR0175. Along with this a raw material test report is provided as well. Our laboratory reports that are NABL approved also is provided to our loyal customers. Other reports like raw material reports, heat treatment charts and letter of guarantee is also provided by Om Tubes.

We offer price basis depending on your requirements. It can be based on previous works, FOB Nhava sheva, CFR, CIF, CPT your destination port or your door to door delivery duty which can be paid or unpaid.

At Om Tubes you get stock options with shortest manufacturing time. If you contact us, we assure you a response within 24 hours. Om Tubes aims at 100% fulfillment of commitments. We don’t give false assurance. This helps us in maintaining good relations with our customers. It is advisable that you let us do the shipping process as it is cost effective as well as efficient. The product we supply comes with full traceability made of genuine raw materials. The raw material is selected as per your requirements at the minimum price possible.