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Brass Tubes

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Brass Tubes


The best place to buy Brass Tubes is Om tubes. We are known manufacturer and supplier of metal and alloy products worldwide. We manufacture various industrial equipment made of stainless steel, carbon steel and super alloys like Monel and Brass. We have a wide range of products, out of which Brass is a customer favorite.We offer Brass Tubes in sizable dimensions along with any customization ordered by our clients. We supply products to major international destinations like the Middle East countries, North-American and Europe to us at any time of the day. We assist our buyers at every step of the purchase which makes the buying experience here at Om tubes a wonderful bliss.All our products are 100% ratifies by government authorities and all the raw material used is of premium quality. We can meet large deliveries or urgent orders on a daily basis as we are also one of the largest stockist.

A tube is a long, narrow, hollow pipe, usually of a thinner diameter which is used to facilitate the flow of liquids and gases. Tubes are also used to measure and control the flow of fluids, as well as to carry non-fluid substances. Tubes can be closed at one end by tube fittings or connected to another tube. They are made of soft metals which are easy to bend.

There are different kinds of Brass tubes products in India itself.

  • Square tubes
  • Rectangular tubes
  • Circular or round tubes
  • Hexagonal tubes

The different standards used as a guideline for manufacturing Brass tubes are ASTM B111 C44300, BS 2871 part 3, EN 12451, NFA 51 102 and JIS H 3300.

Brass tubes can be seamless, threaded or fabricated for personalized purposes. There are 10/30 brass tubes, 63/37 brass tubes, aluminum brass tubes and even the best admiralty brass tubing which is duly supplied by Om tubes.

There are also various sizes of tubes available to us from OD 0.7mm to 6mm and wall thickness of 3mm to 50mm in exciting finishes lie cold drawn or annealed or black polished.

There are a variety of grades in brass, which makes tubes a versatile equipment. The arsenic content along with Tin helps improve the quality of tubes and prevent dezincification. There is admiralty brass, aluminum brass, C230 brass, C260 Brass, C330 brass, C360 brass, C464 brass, etc.

Brass is generally known as a copper-zinc alloy, its major strengths being the stress resistance and electrical conductivity. Brass can be easily welded for any application and brass tubes can be polished easily for industrial or domestic applications.
It is a reddish- yellowish colored alloy which has many grades and colors change according to the copper content in it. Some grades of brass are very good at dealing with water resistance and rough seawater corrosion.
It is highly Machine able and ductile alloy which is great for forming wires and tubes.






70.0 – 73.0 %

76.0 – 98.0%


1.0 – 1.5 %


0.02 – 0.06 %

0.02 – 0.06%





1.8 – 2.3%


0.30% MAX

0.30% MAX



75 max

30 – 37.5 max 





57,300 PSI





Main industries that demand brass tubes are sugar factories, heavy engineering industry, power generation plants, heat exchangers, plumbing applications, hand pumps, ammunition, automobile industry, condensers and other general engineering machinery.
Specific grades of brass are demanded in furniture and lighting fixtures, sanitary fittings and agriculture equipment.
Aluminum brass tubes are commonly utilized in offshore platforms like ships, submarines, petroleum refineries, fresh water or sea water processing and purification systems, desalination plants, etc.

Brass Tubes at Om Tubes are available in different specifications and finish quality. Its pricing depends on the type of alloy our customer selects. We make Brass Tubes Suppliers according to the specification given by our client. The price of Brass Tubes varies depending upon the specifications. However, we always offer attractive seasonal discounts on bulk orders. The delivery destination also affects the total cost of the purchase.

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In the matter of steel supplies from India, Om tubes are a powerful emerging exporter of different steel and alloy products.

Om Tubes are the perfect partner for any plumbing needs of the customer. We manufacture and deliver all kinds of Tubes in Brass in brand finishing. Each and every product is tested and verified of its quality and durability.

We aim to deliver the best of the best in less time possible. We have always received 100% satisfaction feedback from our existing customers in manufacturing, finishing and delivery aspects. Om tubes don’t simply serve customers with solid goods, but with the irreplaceable customer service. Anytime call, messages, emails regarding purchases and products are welcomed and responded to immediately. We strive to solve all your steel needs.

With Om tubes, the customer doesn’t have to worry about “no stock available” situation ever. We always maintain more than the average stock compared to other suppliers. Currently we have more than 200 tons of only Brass Tubes in our storage unit.

Our scientific knowledge about the products, precision in manufacturing, highest professional finish and sales services are endorsed by our customers itself. With 17 years in this industry, Om Tubes still yearn to optimize its services for our growing customer base.

We insist on making your demands, our commands.

Om Tubes ensures that every product that leaves our storage locker has complete marking detail and heat codes. There is a 100% money back guarantee on the quality of the products and we provide all the valid documents supporting our claim with the product. These details are in accordance with the test certificate we supply. In the case of orders for a cut or attached pieces of Pipes, Sheets or Round Bars, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases, we provide a letter confirming the marking transfer and picture of the product from which it is cut.

All the documents sent by Om tubes provide the certification of origin, which is duly attested by the authorities. The HS code is also provided on the commercial invoice bill. From, the number of boxes to the dimension of the product, every little detail is captured for the buyer’s convenience. The most superior class packaging material is used with protective covers for any damage before it reaches the buyer. We provide our laboratory reports (NABL approved), raw material test reports, letter of guarantee and others on the customer’s demands.

Om tubes offer the most affordable pricing in pure Brass Tubes. In selected countries and ports, we offer door-to-door service as well, which may accommodate particular fees. However we always suggest to let Om tubes take care of the shipping hassles so as to reduce cost and logistical burden on the client.

Every customer of Om Tubes always recommends us for a future purchase. The scope of trade with Om tubes is not limited to material goods but also about treating the customer right.
Om tubes believes in making a difference in the customer’s purchase experience. For us, it’s more about maintaining a long lasting relationship with the customer. Goods are bought and sold every day, but what lasts is the buyer-seller trust.

Every customer faces the difficulty of finding a trustworthy seller, who can be approached instantly, provides guaranteed legit products with up to the mark finish and premium transmission services. Om tubes strives to make that difference with each order and adds value to the material purchase.

Queries relating to products or their quality are resolved by us promptly and we direct our precious clients in the right direction for their purchase. Clients trust us because we only provide them authentic and verified information and products.
Value addition to your business is the benefit with every purchase with Om tubes. Mastering customer relationships is our Kaizen improvement for successful long term businesses.