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API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes

API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes : Manufacturers , Stokiest & Suppliers : Om Tubes

API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes

API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes

Since 1998, Om tubes and fittings have represented quality, trust and reliance. We believe key to success is in innovation.

Om tubes and fittings are specialized manufacturers, dealers of premier quality API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes. We are an innovation driven company, and provide with the best services ever. Right from processing, assembling to logistics, we emphasize a great on the quality. Rated best in the industry, we are positively recommended by our clients. At Om tubes and Fittings, our process consists of procedural development cycles: designing (also customization provided), the engineering process, machining the raw materials, assembling the parts, testing (hundred percent in house testing), packing and warehousing, logistics and documentation. We are having largest inventory and ready stock of API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes in different size, grades and cuts. Our manufacturing program is supported by intensive in-house product inspection and testing.

We strive to fulfill all our customer requirements. Major emphasis is placed on purchaser’s needs and requirements. We are an established name in the industry, with sufficient experience in processing high pressure steel Pipes. We provide with best service, through our high quality low cost strategy. All our processes right from processing, assembling till the logistics function, all are regularly reviewed, and redirected accordingly. We are an ISO certified firm consecutively fulfilled other industry requirements also an ISO 9001: 2008 certification. All our processes are regularly reviewed and redirected by us.

These API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes are specially built for drilling oil and gas deposits deep under the sea bed. Structures in harsh working environment like these require specific range of steels to promote greater safety. The steel is ideal for use in pressurized service both in boilers and pressure vessels and we supply API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes to the world’s leading fabricators who in turn serve the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry.

Typical applications of API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes:

  • Ship building
  • Construction
  • Mechanical manufacturing.

These API 5LX60 PSL1 Carbon Steel Pipes are used in:

  • Fertilizers industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Refinery industry.

Process followed:

  1. Cutting
  2. Forming
  3. Drilling/ machining
  4. Grinding
  5. Testing.





API 5LX60 Carbon Steel Pipes


8 – 700 mm


1500 – 4020 mm


3000 – 27000 mm

At Om tubes and fittings, we emphasize a lot on packing. Different types of packing methods are adopted by us depending on the customer’s need and type of product. All shipping documentation is provided for abrasion wear resistant Pipes deliver from the mill directly to customer. All the corrosion resistant steel Pipes are supplied with standard packaging. Special types of packaging are supplied if required by customer. All our products are wrapped in specialized carton boxes, pallets and keeping up the customer requirements, with brand identity labelled on top. We believe in providing competitive but quite reasonable rates to our customers irrespective of the high rates of our base products. We also provide with customized packing according to their customer requirements. All the products are personally checked before packing. Then they are covered by plastic covers, to prevent damage during transit. All the bags are secured with a unique identification number, to ease the assembling process. We have an order tracking system, through these codes. We give emphasis on packaging as much as production, to provide our customers with seamless buying experience.

Consistently we have proved ourselves to be the best-selling and trustworthy dealers in the whole of Asia. We have successfully managed to become the trusted suppliers and manufacturers in India and Asia. We are constantly engaged in spreading our wings to become a globally recognized firm. We follow a same day shipping of goods once we get an approved order from respective clients. We provide world class buying experience, so that our clients will revert with sound feedback and this help word of mouth marketing for our esteemed firm.

Along with world-class buying experience, we provide to our clients goods at quite reasonable and economical prices. Same day shipping policy is followed on receipt of the purchase order. On customer request, free samples are provided. We enjoy a global presence due to our merchandisers and our prompt and dedicated team. Once you deal with Om tubes and fittings, we assure of repetitive orders. The customer just has the need to share their interest through our digital online link, and the rest will be our lookout.