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Copper Nickel Fasteners

Copper Nickel Fasteners : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

Copper Nickel Fasteners

Copper Nickel Fasteners

Om tubes is an eminent manufacturer and global exporter of Copper Nickel Fasteners worldwide. We have products like fasteners, flanges, pipes, tubes, pipe and tube fittings and more in all industry grade alloys like Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Steel and more. Our products are demanded in more than 20 countries and we even deliver large shipments in a punctual fashion. Our quality and packaging is unmatched as experts from the field assess our products regularly. Our own research and development team along with standard laboratories test and verify our product quality and finishing.
The sales service at Om tubes is what makes us unique from other steel suppliers. We have gained incredible customer loyalty by providing them with a personalized service. One click on our contact button and we guide you step by step to make your purchase a bliss in this steel world. Be it any metal or plumbing emergency, Om tubes seeks to deliver the best.

copper nickel fasteners

Fasteners are hardware devices that are used as mechanical tools to connect two or more objects together. They are usually threaded for joining purposes. There are innumerable types of fasteners available in the market in various standard alloys like stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel like Monel. Copper Nickel fasteners are used in a number of industries because of its high resistance capacity to sea water and high temperature steam. There are various types of Copper Nickel fasteners like Nuts, bolts, screws, studs, clamps, gaskets and washers and each have subtypes such as the following:

Copper Nickel is a Nickel-copper alloy with small amounts of iron, manganese, Lead and zinc. It is composed of 25% nickel and 75% approximate Copper. It has incredible resistance towards various acids and alkalis. It can withstand rough sea waters and steam at high temperatures. This alloy has good weld-ability and it hardens by cold or hot forming. Its mechanical properties are commendable. Such characteristics make it extremely feasible to work at high temperatures and corrosive environments. It is also great for use in chemical reduction conditions.
Copper nickel alloy is an excellent for underwater equipment. Copper, which is widely known for its anti-corrosive properties and resistance against harsh degrading environments like sea-water, slurry, underground, etc. is used as a major metal to produce high strength flanges.
The nickel content provides the required strength and the durability against highly pressurized environments. Hence, Copper nickel flanges are used in appliances where other alloys do not stand a chance. It has excellent pitting and crevice resistance. There is very low scope of corrosion or rust in copper nickel flanges even when used in marine equipment or pipes. The stress resistance against chloride-ions is remarkable and this alloy shows a general above average resistance in all kinds of conditions.
Copper nickel alloy is brutally resistant against sea water, organic and inorganic compounds, salts, alkalis and diluted non-oxidizing acids. When it comes to working in marshy or humid environments, copper nickel is also safe from microbes like barnacles or algae infiltrating the product surface.
Apart from the resistance quality, this alloy is the most feasible choice when it comes to operations. The weldability and machining rating of nickel copper alloy is off the charts. It sustains abrasions, and claims capacity for cold and hot forming as well. This alloy can be spot welded or seam welded. Even gas shielded arc welding is possible with this alloy.

COPPER : 69.8 – 88.6%
NICKEL : 10 – 30 %
IRON : 1 – 1.4 %
ZINC : 1.0 %

The different standards followed to manufacture copper nickel flanges are ASTM, ASME, IS and BN.
Om tubes exports Fasteners of Copper Nickel in all dimensions to far reaching coasts as well.

Copper Nickel has innumerable applications. However, fasteners must be used according to the suitable environments. Products like Copper Nickel fasteners are used in Brine heaters, propeller and pumps shafts, uranium and isotope refining plants and heat exchangers in variety of industries. They are also found in acid alkylation plants and MEA recoiling tubes. It can sustain damage from strong acids such as HCL, sulfuric acid and alkalis as well. Marine engineering is a hotspot for Copper Nickel products as it can withstand liquids with solid particles, slurry, Gas, high viscosity fluids too.
Ship building or other marine vessels extensively use copper nickel alloy for construction and maintenance. Copper nickel flanges are demanded in power plants, oil refineries, condensers, and desalination and water purification plants as well. Wherever there are pipes exposed to aqua, copper nickel flanges are the ideal product to use.
The flanges made of copper nickel alloy are the most feasible for under water applications. Cryogenic services, nuclear and naval services, too utilize this amazing alloy.

Om tubes is an acclaimed manufacturer and a regular exporter of Copper Nickel products with a high quality finishing and warranted durability for long life. To maintain our standards, we possess an updated Research and Development department and an inspection department where tests are conducted regularly. Every product manufactured by Om tubes is secured and 100% tested for manufacturing defects, quality control, superior finish and all kinds of pressure tests to ensure outstanding performance and durability. There is a stringent check on premium raw materials which are validated with thorough legal documents.
Om tubes has 100% in-house testing and ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates. A third-party inspection is conducted too, very three months with the Mill Test reports in place along with EN10204 NACE 3.1 and NACE 3.2 Specifications.
The product itself has no competition virtually, and our delightful after- sales- service is prodigious in the steel industry.

Copper Nickel is an expensive alloy. It’s more than thrice expensive than Carbon steel. However, due to its unique characteristics in Fasteners, it’s widely demanded. Om tubes offers the most reasonable prices in the market. With no compromise in quality and durability, the affordability of Om’s Copper Nickel Fasteners is unbelievable. Attractive prices on bulk orders are available now!

All the products manufactured and exported by Om tubes are distinctly marked by their heat codes, product details, metal composition and dimensions, source and delivery destination code. All the products have complete marking details. Om tubes does not supply duplicate, faulty, indirect goods, but from its own manufacturing unit. We are the direct and the only supplier of Om tubes manufactured products. In the case of orders for a cut piece of Fasteners, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases, we provide Letter confirming the marking transfer and picture of the product from which it is cut.

All the documents sent by Om tubes provide the certification of origin which is duly attested by the authorities. The HS code is also provided on the commercial invoice bill. From the number of boxes to the dimension of the product, every little detail is captured for the buyer’s convenience. The most superior class packaging material is used with protective covers for any damage before it reaches the buyer. We provide our laboratory reports (NABL approved), raw material test reports, letter of guarantee and others on the customer’s demands.

Om tubes offer the most affordable pricing in pure Copper Nickel finished products. In selected countries and ports, we offer door-to-door service as well which may accommodate certain duties. However we always suggest to let Om tubes shoulder the shipping hassles so as to reduce cost and logistical burden on the client.

The stock supply at Om tubes is extremely reliable. Once contacted with queries, we assure a response in a 24 hour window. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction and make purchase with us as easy as possible. From searching for products to placing an order, from assigning destination to signing on the delivery sheet, we make it all a cake walk for the client. We do not give any false assurances but try to fulfill every demand by our precious customer. We advise the client to leave all the shipping costs and delivery hassles to us as it is cost-effective and efficient as well. All the customer has to do is love any of our products and we ship it as soon as the purchase order is received.