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Copper Nickel Flanges

Copper Nickel Flanges : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

copper nickel flanges

Copper Nickel Flanges

Om tubes is the one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Copper Nickel Flanges in India. We export supreme quality flanges of variety alloys and metals at attractive pricing to more than 30 countries. Our product finish is of highest quality in the market and our delivery service is praised by all our clients. We produce Copper Nickel flanges of all grades and dimensions, and even offer tailor made flanges on demand.
All our raw materials are bought by 100% authorized sellers and each piece is endorsed by credited quality control laboratories of government of India and International certifications. Our sales service is loved by all our customers as it makes the buying experience at Om tubes an exquisite one. We receive orders from all around the world for a variety of products and Om tubes never fails to deliver on time because it is customary for us to store abundant products at a ready dispatch position. Here at Om tubes, we are accustomed to providing world class service with world class products for over a decade.

copper nickel flanges

Flanges are mechanical devices used to connect to major pipelines. They provide the mechanical support and stability for smooth working of the pipeline. Different kinds of flanges are required for different pipelines and purposes. Copper Nickel is one such material which is popularly used for producing flanges. Its mechanical and chemical properties and pricing make it a popular material for Flanges and provide maximum durability against corrosion in aqueous environments.

There are various types of premium Copper Nickel flanges produced by Om tubes such as,
Copper Nickel Socket weld Flanges
Copper Nickel slip on Flanges
Copper Nickel Blind flanges
Copper Nickel reducing Flanges

All kinds of flanges may be welded, seamless or fabricated as per the choice of the buyer. Om tubes also manufactures and supplies a collection of other flanges like,
Copper Nickel Spectacle Blinds
Copper Nickel High Hub Blinds
Copper Nickel Orifice Flanges
Copper Nickel Weld Neck Flanges
Copper Nickel Flat Flanges
Copper Nickel Loose Flanges
Copper Nickel Threaded Flanges
Copper Nickel Lap Joint Flanges
Copper Nickel Reducing Threaded
Copper Nickel Weld Neck Flanges Series A or B
Copper Nickel Square Flanges
Copper Nickel Groove & Tongue Flanges

The sizes of flanges available with Om tubes vary from ½ inch to 36 inches. Different sizes (non-standard) are also supplied by us on a special order.

Copper nickel alloy is an excellent for underwater equipment. Copper, which is widely known for its anti-corrosive properties and resistance against harsh degrading environments like sea-water, slurry, underground, etc. is used as a major metal to produce high strength flanges.
The nickel content provides the required strength and the durability against highly pressurized environments. Hence, Copper nickel flanges are used in appliances where other alloys do not stand a chance. It has excellent pitting and crevice resistance. There is very low scope of corrosion or rust in copper nickel flanges even when used in marine equipment or pipes. The stress resistance against chloride-ions is remarkable and this alloy shows a general above average resistance in all kinds of conditions.
Copper nickel alloy is brutally resistant against sea water, organic and inorganic compounds, salts, alkalis and diluted non-oxidizing acids. When it comes to working in marshy or humid environments, copper nickel is also safe from microbes like barnacles or algae infiltrating the product surface.
Apart from the resistance quality, this alloy is the most feasible choice when it comes to operations. The weldability and machining rating of nickel copper alloy is off the charts. It sustains abrasions, and claims capacity for cold and hot forming as well. This alloy can be spot welded or seam welded. Even gas shielded arc welding is possible with this alloy.

COPPER : 69.8 – 88.6%
NICKEL : 10 – 30 %
IRON : 1 – 1.4 %
ZINC : 1.0 %
LEAD : 0.5%

The different standards followed to manufacture copper nickel flanges are ASTM/ ASME SB 61, 62, 151and 152

As mentioned in the amazing properties of the alloy, it is mainly used for sea water or marine applications. From electronics, to Energy industry, copper nickel finds great utility. It is popular in transport and traffic, petro-chemical processing, chemical industries, motor industry, aerospace equipment, construction and piping requirements.
Ship building or other marine vessels extensively use copper nickel alloy for construction and maintenance. Copper nickel flanges are demanded in power plants, oil refineries, condensers, and desalination and water purification plants as well. Wherever there are pipes exposed to aqua, copper nickel flanges are the ideal product to use.
The flanges made of copper nickel alloy are the most feasible for under water applications.

As of 2016, we stocked 500 tons of Copper Nickel Flanges. Our inventory is replenished after every order and this way we manage to keep a continuous exporting cycle. As a result, we are ideal for urgent or immediate deliveries. Our stock supply is regulated by our very own best sales and logistics teams.

It is unlikely that if you don’t find a size with Om tubes, you will find it anywhere else in Asia. With a large manufacturing unit and storage facility, we are the only major source for small and medium scale industries with such huge stock for selling.

We offer all our products according to international standards and certificates. Om tubes provides the following certification
ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 18001:2007
Test certification is provided according to ISO 17025 standard laboratory.
All our products are verified and tested against production defects and quality standards. We value the quality of service and the product at the same time for the buyer. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and to achieve that we understand each critical requirement of the clientele.

Copper Nickel is a popularly demanded alloy for its anti-corrosive strength and durability. Om tubes provides great deals on Copper Nickel flanges and we make Hastelloy Flanges according to the specification given by our client, the prices will vary accordingly. However we always try to offer discounts on bulk orders. Om tubes is a major exporter in middle-east nations, American continent, Asia, Africa and Australia, hence our products are priced according to the international market prices and standards.

The products shipped from Om Tubes will have complete marking details. These details are in accordance to the test certificate we supply. The produced goods are of superior finish made from premium raw materials. The goods have traceable origins with valid documents for authenticity. Om tubes does not supply duplicate, faulty, indirect goods, but from its own manufacturing unit. We are the direct and the only supplier of Om tubes manufactured products.
All are products are on hundred percent genuine and attested with originality marking. We have never been questioned on our quality of products and only praised for our wonderful after-sales service.

All the documents sent by Om tubes provide the certification of origin which is duly attested by the authorities. The HS code is also provided on the commercial invoice bill. From the number of boxes to the dimension of the product, every little detail is captured for the buyer’s convenience. The most superior class packaging material is used with protective covers for any damage before it reaches the buyer. We provide our laboratory reports (NABL approved), raw material test reports, letter of guarantee and others on the customer’s demands.

Om tubes offer the most affordable pricing in unadulterated Copper Nickel finished products. In selected countries and ports, we offer door-to-door service as well which may accommodate certain duties. Om tubes always insists on handling the shipping costs and delivery hassles so as to reduce burden and costs on our clientele.

Our products speak for our quality standards and our service portrays our value structure. ‘Customer is the king’ may still be cliché for other businesses, but we still follow it diligently. With support for beginning enquiries and after sale service, Om tubes ensures that the consumer does not face any trouble with detail.

The stock supply at Om tubes is very reliable. Once contacted with queries, we assure a response in a 24 hour window. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction and make the purchase journey with us as easy as possible. From searching for products to placing an order and signing on the delivery sheet, we make it a cake walk for the buyer. We do not give any false assurances but try to fulfill every demand by our precious customer.

Om tubes strives to make that difference with each order and adds value to the material purchase. We are one click away from a world class buying experience of tube fittings. We take our products very seriously and our customers even more. Mastering customer relationships is our dictum for successful long lasting business.

We advise the client to leave all the shipping costs and delivery hassles to us as it is cost-effective and efficient as well. All the customer has to do is love any of our products and we make it at their doorstep in no time.