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Copper Nickel Valves

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copper nickel valves

Copper Nickel Valves

Copper Nickel valves are widely used in many important production and service industries. We believe the quality of the material plays principle role in performance of the product. Om tubes is a world renowned manufacturer and exporter of Valves made of Copper Nickel. The Copper Nickel used to make valves is of pure grade and premium raw materials with accurately supported documents. The product finish is not only praise-worthy but recommended by our customers.

We make sure that the characteristics of the alloy Copper Nickel are holistically experienced though our products. Om Tubes strives to produce each product with equal accuracy and maintain uniformity in among all Copper Nickel valves. We produce more than just plain Copper Nickel valves but we do so in many grades of the alloy, according to different standards prescribed by various countries and in all sizes and dimensions as well.

Creating valves in specific sizes, dimensions and grades are our specialty and we are motivated to give our customers an elevated experience in purchasing them.

Along with our sturdy, quality finish valves, our sale service is something we like to be proud of. Our sales team works only to provide a comfortable journey for the client with us. Starting from the product enquiry to the shipping, Om tubes is by far the best all-rounder topper in service.

copper nickel valves

Valves come in various metals and alloys such as stainless steel, carbon steel, Monel, Inconel and more. Copper nickel is a special alloy which we process to make high corrosion resistant valves. There are various standards and codes that are followed while designing and manufacturing valves, such as ASME, ASTM, API, AWS, etc. by Om tubes.
Om Tubes is stringent in following standards authorized by organizations for seamless operation of valves it manufactures. However, we also gladly cater to any custom made valves desired by our clients apart from our standard sizes from 1/8” to 16”. We have the following kind of valves in perfect Copper Nickel finish
Piston valve
Gate valve
Ball and plus valve
Butterfly valve
Tank bottom valve
Globe valve
Injection valve
Sampling valve
Piloted safety valve
Control valve
Check valve

Copper Nickel valves have high temperature strength and high resistance to organic and inorganic corrosives.

Copper nickel alloy is an excellent for underwater equipment. Copper, which is widely known for its anti-corrosive properties and resistance against harsh degrading environments like sea-water, slurry, underground, etc. is used as a major metal to produce high strength plates.
The nickel content provides the required strength and the durability against highly pressurized environments. Hence, Copper nickel plates are used in appliances where other alloys do not stand a chance. It has excellent pitting and crevice resistance. There is very low scope of corrosion or rust in copper nickel plates even when used in marine equipment or pipes. The stress resistance against chloride-ions is remarkable and this alloy shows a general above average resistance in all kinds of conditions.
Copper nickel alloy is brutally resistant against sea water, organic and inorganic compounds, salts, alkalis and diluted non-oxidizing acids. When it comes to working in marshy or humid environments, copper nickel is also safe from microbes like barnacles or algae infiltrating the product surface.
Apart from the resistance quality, this alloy is the most feasible choice when it comes to operations. The weldability and machining rating of nickel copper alloy is off the charts. It sustains abrasions, and claims capacity for cold and hot forming as well. This alloy can be spot welded or seam welded. Even gas shielded arc welding is possible with this alloy.

COPPER : 69.8 – 88.6%
NICKEL : 10 – 30 %
IRON : 1 – 1.4 %
ZINC : 1.0 %
LEAD : 0.5%

The different standards followed to manufacture copper nickel plates are ASTM/ ASME standards.

One of the customary industrial material known for its strength and durability in high temperatures is Copper Nickel. The chemical and mechanical properties of this alloy make it extremely viable for applications in heat exchangers, chemical process equipment, heat treat furnace components and liquid and gas turbine components. Copper Nickel is used in many high power industries where equipment are commonly exposed to corrosive conditions.

Copper Nickel Valves are utilized significantly in thermo- Nuclear components, pulp and paper industry, heat exchangers, chlorination equipment, petrochemical machinery etc. It is also preferred in Oil and Gas Industries, chemical industries, sugar, fertilizers, and power generation industries.

It is popularly used in oil and gas industry. Valves of various dimensions are demanded in Copper Nickel from all metal refining industries as well.

Particularly, Copper Nickel is used for welding as it blends well with other metals. Making it a steady alloy, it maintains a stable structure even in high temperature environments and is extremely functional. Due to its marvelous ability to sustain corrosion from acidic atmospheres, it is popularly used in chemical industries like acid manufacturing, heat sheathing, etc. It is also needed in carburizing equipment and generic nuclear steam generators.

Commonly Copper Nickel is used in:
Phosphoric or sulfuric acid evaporators
Propeller shafts
Pickling tank heaters, pickling tanks and equipment
Chemical process equipment

Inconel Valves at Om Tubes are available in different specifications and finish quality. The costs defer according to the product specifications however, Om tubes offers attractive discounts on bulk orders and affordable pricing on overseas delivery of valves.

Om Tubes is the perfect partner for any plumbing needs of the customer. We manufacture and deliver all kinds of valves in Copper Nickel in brand finishing. Every product is looked on in singularity to test its quality and durability. We aim to deliver the best of the best in less time possible. We have always received 100% satisfaction feedback from our existing customers in manufacturing, finishing and delivery aspects. Om tubes doesn’t simply serve customers with solid goods but with irreplaceable customer service. Anytime call, messages, emails regarding purchases and products are entertained and responded to with pleasant replies.
Our accurate scientific knowledge about the product alloys, precision in manufacturing, professional finish and sales services are endorsed by our customers itself. With 17 years in this industry, Om Tubes still yearns to optimize its services for our growing customer base.

Om Tubes ensures that every product that leaves our storage locker has complete marking detail and heat codes. There is absolutely no compromise on the quality of the products and we provide all the valid documents supporting our claim with the product. These details are in accordance with the test certificate we supply. In the case of orders for a cut piece of Valves, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases, we provide Letter confirming the

There exists a provision of customized packaging with addition to our standard packaging systems at the client’s disposal. Our existing packaging is seamless and constitutes of multi-layer protection against external abrasions, shocks or elemental contact.

Each product is expensive and valuable to us as it is to our customer and we leave no stone unturned to keep it in brand finishing condition throughout its journey to our client.

All the documents sent by Om tubes provide the certification of origin which is duly attested by the authorities. The HS code is also provided on the commercial invoice bill. From the number of boxes to the dimension of the product, every little detail is captured for the buyer’s convenience. We provide our laboratory reports (NABL approved), raw material test reports, letter of guarantee and others on the customer’s demands.

Even in the roughest waters, Om tubes offer the most affordable pricing in pure Copper Nickel finished products. From small orders to bulk immediate deliveries, we take care of every detail dexterously. In selected countries and ports, we offer door-to-door service as well which may accommodate particular fees. However we always suggest to let Om tubes take care of the shipping hassles so as to reduce cost and logistical burden on the client.

Clients always choose Om tubes because we deliver what we promise. The same reason to why our customer base being so secure and vast. Every customer, be it with any complicated demands, is offered stock options within shortest manufacturing time. Our stock supply is always competent with all standard and non-standard pieces of Copper Nickel Valves.

Once informed about your query, our response team gets back to you within 24 hours. At Om Tubes, each client is a valued part of our business and fulfilling their demands is our wholesome goal. So do contact us for any smallest concern, as every request of our potential customers is fundamental for building pleasing relationships for the future. All the clients are fully made aware of all our product offers and discounts beforehand to help them make a better decision about their purchase. We insist on making your demands, our commands.