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Hastelloy Fasteners

Hastelloy Fasteners : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

Hastelloy Fasteners

The quality of nickel-based alloy pipes is unrivalled when it comes to our organization, Om Tubes and Fittings because we thrive on our client’s satisfaction. We are the number one supplier of Hastelloy Fasteners. If, you inquire about the steel products in the Indian sub-continent, we are the first one to receive your order and deliver the commodities instantly. Our command and expertise in this industry has allowed us to become a common industrial name for supply of Hastelloy Fasteners . It is likely that you won’t find the quality of the product of any company as excellent and exemplary as ours. We are the only major source for small and medium scale industries with a variety of steel products and a huge stock available for dispatch. We are able to cater to both small volumes and large orders as our stock permits these combinations for a fast moving inventory.

hastelloy fasteners

Hastelloy is a nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum combination of alloys that has a phenomenal resistance to oxidation. Hastelloy is especially available in all types of forms, right from contour rings, sheets, tubes to open dies, shafts and plates. Also, it has an outstanding impedance to all types of pitting and cracking, and all the products made from Hastelloy does find its uses when it comes a wide range of chemical applications, that otherwise would oxidize any other metal. Furthermore, the other content of elements like molybdenum and chromium complete the Hastelloy and hence, it is regarded widely as one of the toughest alloys. It is one of the most sought out alloys because of its corrosion resistance and versatility.

1. Audacious resistance to corrosion.
2. It has excellent forming and welding features.
3. Due to its high ductility, it can be used in cryogenic conditions or temperatures and likewise, in extreme heat temperatures.
4. It can also be used in high stress environments or erosion prone surroundings.
5. It also has very good impediment to non-oxidizing acids such as hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid.
6. It also provides protection to outer kinetic forces that tend to destroy or consume other material.
7. It is typically known as a tensile material and also known for its adaptability.

Typical Applications of  Hastelloy Fasteners Manufacturers Include :

1. Hastelloy is available in the form of sheet, plate, strip, and billet, bar, wire, covered electrodes, pipe and tubing.
2. This alloy also has wide uses in gas turbine engines for combustion and other machines like the transition ducts, combustor cans, spray bars, after-burners, tail pipes and cabin heaters.
3. It is commonly used in the chemical industry for catalyst support grids, furnace baffles, tubing for chemical operations and flash drier components.
4. Other applications include in petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries, mining and for nuclear and solar power generating factories.
5. In some cases, they are used as heat-resistant materials.
6. It is widely recommended for the use of heat furnace applications because it has unusual resistance to oxidizing, reducing and neutral atmospheres.

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