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Inconel Fasteners

Inconel Fasteners : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

inconel fasteners

Om Tubes & Fittings have been the most consistent suppliers of Inconel Fasteners for over a decade now. Our organization brings tremendous amount of sophistication and experience in the steel industry. Due to our expeditious delivery rate and excellent quality of products dispatched, we have gained prominence steadily in this industry and have also attained the goodwill of our clients. We also offer our commodities at customer-friendly rates with the assurance of after sales support and service, consultancy and also product replacement warranty. All of our products and goods are 100% tested and proved through the certificate from ISO 17025 Standards Laboratory. As of 2016, we have the highest number of stocks available in the country which are of unparalleled quality. We always make sure to accomplish our organizational objective of providing more than just the 100%

inconel fasteners

Inconel Fasteners

Radically, Inconel is a nickel-chromium based alloy normally used for oxidation as well as corrosion resistance mostly in temperatures up to 18000F. They are the go-to products to use in extreme environments subjected to heat and intense pressure. Inconel’s high temperature strength is developed from solid-solution strengthening or precipitation hardening, it depends on the content in the alloy. Inconel fasteners offer superior corrosion resistance, temperature stability, toughness and strength and are commonly used in chemical processing.

• Inconel 600 – Solution Strengthened.
• Inconel 625 – Resistance to Acid and average weldability.
• Inconel 690 – Not applicable for nuclear experiments because of poor resistivity.
• Inconel 713C – Hardened nickel-chromium based alloy.
• Inconel 718 – Strength doubled by Gamma rays and also good weldability.
• Inconel 751 – Aluminium content increased for improved fissure strength.
• Inconel 792 – Increase in aluminium content for higher resistance to elevated temperatures, especially in gas turbines.
• Inconel 939 – Strengthened to its prime to increase weldability.

Typical Applications of Inconel Fasteners Manufacturers Include :

• Inconel Fasteners are commonly used in gas turbine blades and combustors particularly in inhabited environments.

• Since they are resistant to high temperatures, they are particularly applicable to chemical processing and pressure vessels, heat exchanger tubes, steam generators and core components in pressurized nuclear reactors.

• Normally used in the power generation and aerospace, missile and shipping industries.

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