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Monel Fasteners

Monel fasteners : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

monel fasteners

Monel Fasteners

Om Tubes and Fittings is manufacturers, stockist & suppliers of Monel Fasteners

We, the organization of Om Tubes and Fittings, are a very popular Indian Manufacturer and supplier of high nickel based alloys. We are very proficient in the supply of fasteners. And the specialty of Monel Fasteners is what makes us unique from the rest. One of the main reasons our brand resonates around the world is because the kind of service and delivery we provide to our customers, it is simply incomparable. To prove our quality, we also send the copies of the digital mill test report in accordance with EN10204 NACE 3.1, NACE 3.2 and also the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certifications. We proudly assert the fact that, we have 0% rejection rate of our goods in over a decade. The evidence that our goods are authentic and in compliance with ASTM standards supports us immensely. In accordance to the selling of our goods, we also provide after sales support and service, product replacement warranty and also consultancy for alternate sizes of the material. The price rates set for our products are also customer-friendly. As an experienced organization, we always strive to provide and sustain customer satisfaction and also accommodate customized marking as per customer requirement.

monel fasteners

Monel as an alloy, contains 65 to 70 percent of nickel, 20-29 percent of copper, and small amounts of iron, manganese, silicon and carbon. Although it is much stronger than steel, it can have a problem of surface discolouration, which occurs when exposed to atmospheric conditions. Monel is generally resistant to to corrosion agents, mainly rapidly flowing sea water. They are fabricated readily by hot-and-cold working, machining and welding. In terms of properties, Monel is a single based alloy. As compared to steel, Monel is very difficult to fabricate or develop because it work-hardens while processing very quickly. Naturally, it is quite resistant to corrosion and acids, and some types of alloys can withstand fire and heat in pure oxygen to a certain limit. If small content of aluminium and titanium are added to the alloy, it increased its toughness and strength due to gamma prime formation and ageing.
Normally, Monel fasteners manufacturers has excellent mechanical properties for cryogenic temperatures but the strength increases for the loss of ductility and impact resistance. But it does not undergo the transformation of ductile-to-brittle product when when cooled or heated to extreme temperatures.

1. Monel is undoubtedly stronger than steel
2. It is malleable and does not break or crack even on intense impact by outside forces.
3. Definitely resistant to corrosion
4. Highly resistant to Alkali metals.
5. It has comparably improved sanitation.
6. Any Monel alloy can be easily welded, brazed or soldered according to the client’s requirement.
7. It is conveniently available in plates, rod and bar, tubing and more than rarely in castings.
8. It aslo available in sheets for applications of structural framework and architecture.

TYpical Applications of Monel Fasteners Suppliers Include :

1. Monel is very popular for uses as sheets and plates in ductwork, flashing, mail chutes, laundry chutes, elevator fitting, lighting fixtures and also skylights.
2. Monel bar and rod stock are still used for window screens, gates, railings, public directory boards and divider strips.
3. Other applications related to buildings include tie wire for securing lath on plaster walls and suspended ceilings, Monel Fasteners for tile roofs and anchors for stone cladding.
4. Recently, it has started being used in Oil and Refinery industries due to it being the most resistant of all the engineering alloys.
5. Because of its strength and sturdiness, it used in aerospace applications, especially in making the frames of experimental rocket planes to resist the great heat produced by the aero-dynamic friction during extremely high speed flight.
6. Monel’s corrosion resistance makes it an ideal alloy for the applications such as piping systems, pump shafts, sea water valves etc. in Marine functions.
7. When no options available, chemical industries particularly go for the Monel alloys.

At Om Tubes you get stock options with shortest manufacturing time. If you contact us, we assure you a response within 24 hours. Om Tubes aims at 100% fulfillment of commitments. We don’t give false assurance. This helps us in maintaining good relations with our customers. It is advisable that you let us do the shipping process as it is cost effective as well as efficient. The product we supply comes with full traceability made of genuine raw materials. The raw material is selected as per your requirements at the minimum price possible.