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Monel Tube Fittings

Monel Tube Fittings : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

monel tube fittings

Om Tubes and Fittings is manufacturers, stockist & suppliers of Monel Tube Fittings. Om tubes is known for its persistent efforts to supply premium quality high nickel based alloy products. It has emerged to be one of the most trusted manufacturers and supply company. We bring in tremendous experience to the industry. Our customers are our family and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal to achieve. We receive suggestions and recommendations from our loyal customers. Since many years, Om Tubes has supplied specialty metal alloys throughout the world for industries requiring heat resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistant, and abrasion resistant alloys. Om tube mainly specializes in the various nickel, stainless, duplex and super alloys in the form of the plate, sheet, bar, tubing, pipe, flanges, fittings, wire and welding material. Other grades offered at Om Tubes are aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, carbon steel and bronze. We serve customers in various countries with all size demands. We supply, process and custom fabricate product for various industries including chemical process, mining, oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and more.

Monel Tube Fittings

Monel Tube Fittings Manufacturers connects different types of tubes to one another. It can be used for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations. Various tubing sections like pipe, hose, or other components are connected through Monel Tube Fittings. Usually the system is configured with straight sections connected by fittings or some specially formed connections and joints. Products at Om Tubes are of various wall types and all are produced in accordance with the requirements of a variety of industry standards and specifications like ASTM and AWWA. The essential step of Monel Tube Fittings production includes heating, melting, mixing and conveying the raw material into a particular shape. It is important that this shape is maintained during the cooling process. All Monel Tube Fittings are made in accordance with ASTM standards. All diameters of solid wall tube fitting are continuously extruded through an annular die. Thermoplastic fittings are either injection or compression molded. They are fabricated using section of pipes or machined from molded plates.

Nickel alloys primarily made up of nickel (up to 67%) and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon are called Monel. Stronger than pure nickel, Monel alloys are resistant to corrosion by many agents, including rapidly flowing seawater. Fabrication of Monel can be done readily by hot- and cold-working, machining, and welding.Its corrosion resistance makes it stand up to a wide range of environments and conditions, including, but not limited to, sea water, rapidly flowing water, pure water, and nonoxidizing mineral acids, salts, and alkalis. It shows exceptional resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when de-aerated, and is also known for its excellent resistance to chloride ion stress corrosion cracking. In many situations it is observed that Monel is more resistant than both nickel and copper. The nickel ore from the Sudbury mines contains Monel alloy. This is a binary alloy. Monel was named after company president Ambrose Monell, and patented in 1906. The name is trademark of Special Metals Corporation. This is a very expensive alloy and it is 5 to 10 times costlier than copper and nickel. This keeps its application limited to those applications where it cannot be replaced with cheaper alternatives. It is three times more expensive. To be exact it is composed of nickel (65-70%) and copper (20-29%) and also contains iron and manganese (5%) and other compounds. Stainless steel replaced Monel in 1950 as it produced the same forms at a lower cost. As stainless steel used less nickel compared to Monel, it is less expensive. Commercially available alloys are Alloy 400, Alloy 401, Alloy R-405, Alloy 450, Alloy K-500, and Monel 404 Copper-Nickel Alloy. Standard product forms are round, hexagon, flats, forging stock, pipe, tube, plate, sheet, strip, and wire. It is basically a binary alloy mutually soluble in all proportions.

Typical Applications of Monel Tube Fittings Include :

  • Widely used in marine engineering.
  • It is used in chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment.
  • Due to its corrosion resistant property it is used in valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, fasteners.
  • Monel is widely used in heat exchangers.
  • It is also used as a part of metal instruments and frames of eyeglasses.

Monel is the most diverse alloy family from which various grades are used to make products. Its pricing depends on the type of alloy our customer selects. It is usually cheaper compared to other alloys which usually have high chromium content and other expensive metals to enhance their properties. We make Monel Tube Fittings according to the specification given by our client. Price of Monel Tube Fittings will vary depending upon the specifications and mechanical properties.

Om tube is known for executing both small and big orders. Our client’s order are of superior quality and delivered relatively quicker. This keeps us in goodwill of our customers. Our customers are our family. Our sales agent is in direct contact with you at all point’s right up to any point in future when you face any technical problem. Great emphasis is paid to value addition and after sales service.In addition, we offer extensive processing capabilities to meet your custom cut needs. Our well-established and trusted relationships with the mill depots guarantee an uninterrupted supply to you of virtually any kind of metal products.With ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate we are proud manufacturer and exporter of  Monel Tube Fittings. Being the foremost brand for supply and manufacture of Monel Tube Fittings Suppliers, Om Tubes stock more than 150 tons of the product.We conduct a 3rd party inspection every 3 months and have digital mill test reports in accordance with EN10204 NACE 3.1, NACE 3.2 specifications. With business expanded over 5 continents, Om tubes provides you the best market for monel tube fittings you can possibly get. Because we believe in a world that lasts forever.

The products shipped from Om Tubes will have complete marking details. These details are in accordance with the test certificate we supply. In the case of orders for the cut piece of Pipes, Sheets or Round Bars, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases, we provide Letter confirming the marking transfer and picture of the product from which it is cut.

Om tubes provide the certificate of origin legalized/attested by the chamber. Also, a commercial invoice including HS code is provided. Our product packing lists which come with the product includes a number of boxes, net weight, and gross weight. We provide test certificate certifying NACE MRO103, NACE MR0175. Along with this, a raw material test report is provided as well. Our laboratory reports that are NABL approved also is provided to our loyal customers. Other reports like raw material reports, heat treatment charts and letter of guarantee is also provided by Om Tubes.

We offer price basis depending on your requirements. It can be based on previous works, FOB Nhava sheva, CFR, CIF, CPT your destination port or your door to door delivery duty which can be paid or unpaid.

At Om Tubes you get stock options with shortest manufacturing time. If you contact us, we assure you a response within 24 hours. Om Tubes aims at 100% fulfillment of commitments. We don’t give false assurance. This helps us in maintaining good relations with our customers. It is advisable that you let us do the shipping process as it is cost effective as well as efficient. The product we supply comes with full traceability made of genuine raw materials. The raw material is selected as per your requirements at the minimum price possible.