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Super Duplex Tube Fittings

Super Duplex Tube Fittings : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

super duplex tube fittings

Om tubes is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of Super Duplex Tube Fittings . This is a higher grade of stainless steel having enhanced properties compared to stainless steel. Super duplex stainless steel is one of the most sold products of Om Tubes. We constantly try to raise our standards of our work. Our statistics and knowledge about the material is always up to date. Since many years, Om Tubes has supplied specialty metal alloys throughout the world for industries requiring heat resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistant, and abrasion resistant alloys. Om tube mainly specializes in the various nickel, stainless, duplex and super alloys in the form of the plate, sheet, bar, tubing, pipe, flanges, fittings, wire and welding material. Om tubes is the leading company to supply tubing to industries to all major companies both in India and outside India. We carry 2 decades of experience with us in the supply of high nickel based alloy products. We provide complete tubing solution to our clients. We aim to cater to urgent and timely requirements of our customers. A standard size is shipped immediately against the purchase order

Super Duplex Tube Fittings

Super Duplex Tube Fittings connects different types of tubes to one another. It can be used for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations. Various tubing sections like pipe, hose, or other components are connected through tube fitting. Usually the system is configured with straight sections connected by fittings or some specially formed connections and joints. Products at Om Tubes are of various wall types and all are produced in accordance with the requirements of a variety of industry standards and specifications like ASTM and AWWA. The essential step of Super Duplex Tube Fittings Manufacturers production include heating, melting, mixing and conveying the raw material into a particular shape. It is important that this shape is maintained during the cooling process. All tube fittings are made in accordance with ASTM standards. All diameters of solid wall Super Duplex Tube Fittings are continuously extruded through an annular die. Thermoplastic fittings are either injection or compression molded. Super Duplex Tube Fittings are fabricated using section of pipes or machined from molded plates.

It is a mixed microstructure of austenite and ferrite (50/50) which has improved strength over ferritic and austenitic steel grades. Super Duplex has a higher molybdenum and chromium content which gives the material greater corrosion resistance than standard duplex grades. The reason behind super duplex’s extreme resistance to uniform corrosion by organic acids (formic and acetic acid) is the high molybdenum and chromium content. Super Duplex also provides excellent resistance to inorganic acids, especially those containing chlorides.Super Duplex, standard duplex, lean duplex are three groups of duplex stainless steels. Om tubes provide super duplex stainless steels in plate, sheet, bar, flanges pipe, pipe fittings, tube and weld wire. Duplex Stainless Steels, also referred to as austenitic-ferritic stainless steels.The balanced duel phase microstructure is responsible for high strength with cost effective corrosion resistance particularly in high chloride environments. Super Duplex has lower alloying costs when compared with similar ferritic and austenitic grades. In many cases this gives the purchaser the welcomed option of purchasing smaller thicknesses without the need to compromise on quality and performance. The chemical composition based on high contents of chromium, nickel and molybdenum improves pitting corrosion resistance. Additions of nitrogen promote structural hardening by interstitial solid solution mechanism, which raises the yield strength and ultimate strength values without impairing toughness. High molybdenum and chromium content is the sole reason behind super duplex’s extreme resistance to uniform corrosion by organic acids

Typical Applications of Super Duplex Tube Fittings Include :

  • Oil and gas industry equipment
  • Offshore platforms, heat exchangers, process and service water systems, fire-fighting systems, injection and ballast water systems
  • Chemical process industries, heat exchangers, vessels, and piping
    Desalination plants
  • High pressure RO-plants and seawater piping
  • Mechanical and structural components, high strength, corrosion-resistant parts
    Power industry FGD systems, utility and industrial scrubber systems, absorber towers, ducting, and piping.

There are many grades in super duplex stainless steel. It is one of the most diverse alloy family. Its pricing depends on the type of alloy our customer selects. It is usually cheaper compared to other alloys which usually have high chromium content and other expensive metals to enhance their properties. We make Super Duplex Tube Fittings Suppliers according to the specification given by our client. Price of Super Duplex Tube Fittings will vary depending upon the specifications and mechanical properties.

Om tubes is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality and superior finish Super Duplex Tube Fittings . We carry 2 decades of experience along with us in the supply of high nickel based alloy products. Om Tubes provide the complete piping solution to its clients. We execute both big and small orders. For small requirements, we can dispatch the tubes or fittings immediately against the purchase of the order. We bring in tremendous experience in the industry. We have clients around the world and are a major brand in Europe. In 2015, we stocked more than 180 tons of super duplex tube fitting in all sizes, in seamless and welded to carter to immediate delivery and urgent needs of the client.We serve customers of all sizes from all over the world. Supplying, processing and custom fabricating specialty metals for various industries including mining, chemical process, oil & gas, power generation, pulp and paper, petrochemical and more.In addition, we offer extensive processing capabilities to meet your custom cut needs. Our well-established and trusted relationships with the mill depots guarantee an uninterrupted supply to you of virtually any kind of metal products. We offer extensive processing capabilities to meet your custom cut needs.With ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate we are proud manufacturer and exporter of Super Duplex Steel tubing. A 3rd party inspection is conducted every 3 months and has digital mill test reports in accordance with EN10204 NACE 3.1, NACE 3.2 specifications.Om Tubes is looking forward to providing you with your specialty metal needs.

The products shipped from Om Tubes will have complete marking details. These details are in accordance to the test certificate we supply. In case of orders for cut piece of Pipes, Sheets or Round Bars, the marking is transferred from the product from which it is cut. In such cases we provide Letter confirming the marking transfer and picture of the product from which it is cut.

Om tubes provide the certificate of origin legalized/attested by the chamber. Also, a commercial invoice including HS code is provided. Our product packing lists which come with the product includes a number of boxes, net weight, and gross weight. We provide test certificate certifying NACE MRO103, NACE MR0175. Along with this, a raw material test report is provided as well. Our laboratory reports that are NABL approved also is provided to our loyal customers. Other reports like raw material reports, heat treatment charts and letter of guarantee is also provided by Om Tubes.

We offer price basis depending on your requirements. It can be based on previous works, FOB Nhava sheva, CFR, CIF, CPT your destination port or your door to door delivery duty which can be paid or unpaid.