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Super Duplex 2507 Street Tee

Super Duplex 2507 Street Tee : Manufacturer, Stockist & Supplier : Om Tubes

super duplex 2507 street tee

Super Duplex 2507 Street Tee

Om tubes & fittings have represented quality, trust,& reliance. We believe thekey to success is in innovation.Omtubes & fittings are specialized super duplex 2507 street tee manufacturers, dealers of the premier quality street tee tube fittings. We have meticulous processes which help transform processes, improve efficiencies & enhance customer experience. We emphasize on the quality of our product& provide with the best services. An innovation driven company, we have set of inimitable processes, which surely makes us stand out from the rest. At Omtubes & fittings, our process consists of theprocedural development cycle: designing (customization provided), the engineering process, the machining process, assembling the parts, testing (hundred percent in thehouse), packing & warehousing, logistics and documentation process. We stock the largest inventory of products ready for immediate delivery. We have the best team from manufacturing to dispatch, who have made us what we are today. Our adherence to strong values has made our brand stand up amongst the others. We regularly review our processes& maintain a strong, stable management team. We have a pioneering way of delivering our products, along with the affordable price of our products, which makes us the best choice.

Duplex 2507 is a super duplex stainless steel with 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, &7% nickel designed for demanding applications which require exceptional strength &corrosion resistance, such as chemical process, petrochemical, & seawater equipment. The steel has excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking, high thermal conductivity, & a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen levels provide excellent resistance to pitting, crevice, and general corrosion.Super duplex is by definition a duplex stainless steel with a Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN) > 40, where PREN = %Cr + 3.3x (%Mo + 0.5x%W) + 16x%N. Usually, super duplex grades have 25% chromium or more & some common e.g. are S32760 (Zeron 100 via Rolled Alloys), S32750 (2507) and S32550 (Ferralium).

Super Duplex 2507 Street tee tube fittings are available in a variety of threading specifications at Om tubes Fittings. Super Duplex 2507 Street tee is designed for industrial tubing to join more than two tubes / pipes. The street tee fittings are of 2 types male & female. The male Super Duplex 2507 Street tee fittings can be used to mix or separate fluids flowing through tubes. Super Duplex 2507 Street tee fittings can be customized as per customer’s requirement. We are the suppliers street tee fittings at most competitive price in the market. Tee branch at 90-degree angle from the middle of the tee has a male NPT thread connection to connect tubes / pipes.


       these fittings contain lead, hence cannot be used for potable water usage.

       Street tees come with 3 opening, one for connecting and another one is for branching 3 tubes with different ends.

       Its operating temperature varies from (-65 degree C) to (+250 degree C).

       Street tee has forged brass for corrosion resistance, ductility for high temperatures and durability.

       Female & male NPT threads on 2 ends & Female NPT threads on the branch for connecting three threaded pipes

We as super duplex 2507 street tee manufacturer develop street tee tube fittings used in following applications or projects, some of these are as follows:

  • Natural gas companies
  • Chemical industries
  • Marine projects.
  • Papermaking.

The manufacturing division raises appropriation test for material the company wants to use in their process. The material is issued symbolizing the lot number. The required material’s length and weight are verified. A QC and inspection test is done to overview.

We aim at providing professional customer service with one-stop purchasing along with superior quality control, competitive price, fast lead time and convenient transportation. We enjoy aglobally remarkable presence in many countries, due to our merchandisers. We provide with same day shipping of goods against the receipt of purchase order. On customer request, we also provide with free samples. The customer just has the need to share their interest through our online link, and rest can be left to us.

Om tubes & fittings supplies with following value added benefits:

  • Threading (As Per Gauge).
  • Anodizing
  • Sand Blasting.
  • Machining (CNC).
  • Centerless Grinding (Cg).
  • Draw & Expansion.
  • Fabricate (With Radiography).
  • Heat Treatment (Hardening & Tempering).
  • Minor Fabrication.
  • Polish (Electro & Commercial).

We as super duplex 2507 street tee supplier always give good care in packaging of finish goods. Packing is an integral part of the product. We stock huge, to facilitate prompt delivery. All our products are packed in specialized carton boxes with brand identity labeling along with personal checking. We possess a perfectly developed transport system by which we can deliver goods directly and safely to the customer. The products are covered by plastic caps, to prevent damage during transit. All the bags are secured with a unique identification number, to ease the assembling process. We have an order tracking system, through these codes. We give emphasis on packaging as much as production, to provide our customers with the seamless buying experience. Super duplex 2507street tee tube fittings areas in the custom individually wrapped by hand to ensure that finest quality of the material is maintained and no damage in the last stage of production. Street tee tube fittings come with heat number tractability and brand marking for proper identification of all products.

We are keen to fulfill all the requirements of our customers according to the specifications provided by them. Major emphasis is placed on purchaser’s needs and requirements. We are an established name in the industry, with sufficient experience in processing high-pressure steel plates. We provide with thebest service, through our high-qualitylow-cost strategy. All our processes right from processing, assembling till the logistics function, and all are regularly reviewed and redirected accordingly. We are an ISO certified firm consecutively fulfilled other industry requirements also an ISO 9001: 2008 certification. The interested client just needs to share his interest just through a click, and the rest will be looked after by us.